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Her Name's Nurul Atieka Halim . Only Sixteen y/o . She's From Kedah . She's Loves To Cry Even For Herself  :'(  Lil Bit Shy #ohhhsemm# Lil Bit Rude #forTHOSErudetoher# I Can Be Your Enemy #ifyouwant# All Decision's In Your Hand  \m/

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sOmething that she hate 
Haters   Fakers   CopyCatDog
Hypocrites   Sex *eiwww
Bad Stalkers

Got it darl ? sokay if you wanna be friends with her . but please , watch out with her :) She may look nice , but if you mess with her , BEWARE ! you may know her name , but not her story :) She's nice to those nice to her . She's no beauty queen , She's just beautiful her . And for your information , She's not gonna change for anyone , even you're her Boyfie . Please , respect her and Her Page . and her will triple respect you .

terima kasih kerana sudi baca :) datang lagi !

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