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I'm backkkkkk ツ

Assalamualaikum nd haii ..

Haha .. Title poyo je kan ?? Tak kesah lah poyo ke apa. Yang penting I'm back :* Hashtag gedikks.

Btw, I miss my school time. I've many times to blogging at that moment :) But now, not anymore. But it's okay, I'll try my best to find time to blogging. I'm act like there's people reading or stalking my blog. Hahaha .. Hashtag perasan.

I miss my school. I miss the moment when I'm w my girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers nd canteen. Haha ! I miss the time when we skipped classes. Flour-throwing when anybody birthday in class. I miss the day of cocuriculum of the school. The induction camping. Hanging-out at CS nd AJM. Seriously, I miss it much! Hashtag throwback hashtag everybody changed. Haha.

But now, like I've told earlier at the 'hashtag', everybody changed. My friends were separated. 4 of us became SAFA nd leave us for 'unrationally' reason. But it's okay. 6 of us will go on or move on w or w/out them. Yeahhhh! You go girl! Hashtag AcahAcah. Hihi..

Today is 14 Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. I'm still breathing. And Alan still w me. Haha. Keep staying dude. I love you lah ! I think I got to go now. See you later in the next entry. Okay??

Bye. Assalamualailum ~

terima kasih kerana sudi baca :) datang lagi !

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